Samsung Galaxy Pop gets dipped in Tang

I love orange, and I’ve long been waiting for an orange smartphone to call my own. Sure, it’s an odd color, but there just aren’t enough of them these days, but Samsung has fixed that. In Korea, at least. What you see above is the Samsung Galaxy Pop all dressed up in an incredibly intense orange color.

The Galaxy Pop is the Galaxy Premier for the Korean markets, and the new color is the only thing you’ll see different here. Nonetheless, Samsung has been pretty good about getting multiple color options out for its devices.

Looking to grab the attention of the younger demographic, the orange Galaxy Pop will launch on LG U+, SK Telecom, and ST.

The orange handset definitely achieves what it sets out to do Рpop Рand it will be interesting to see how well the color variant sells in the Korean markets. This side of the pond may not warm up to a handset of this color, but if Samsung pushed out a  rusty orange Galaxy SIV, my money would belong to them immediately.

What do you think? Does the orange do anything for you? I think it would go great with a pair of Tangerine Google Glasses.

[SammyHub via Phandroid]

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