Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse is totally a thing, apparently

You might have seen the Samsung Galaxy Note II ad where a startup recently launched a new game called Unicorn Apocalypse. Well, it looks like the game is totally real and available in the Google Play Store. While the game is hardly anything special, it makes the ad a bit funnier for what it is.

The game is basically a Robot Unicorn Attack clone, but since it lacks the obnoxious song attached to Adult Swim’s offering, it’s a little more bearable (to me, at least). Samsung partnered with Gamestop to run a contest for up and coming games. The winner (Unicorn Apocalypse) won $25,000. We’re not sure if it was warranted, but it happened.

Here’s a quick preview of the game.

Unicorn Apocalypse isn’t going to win any awards anytime soon, but hopefully we’ll see some updates in the near future to make the game a more enjoyable experience.

[Via: Droid-Life]

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