AT&T Sony Xperia TL Receieves Jelly Bean Update

A few weeks ago Sony announced that it would be releasing an update for its Xperia TL handsets, and today AT&T has confirmed that the update is now available for download and install. The update will bring all of the goodness of Google’s Jelly Bean version of Android, such as Google now and Project Butter. AT&T is also sprinkling a few goodies into the update, including a few of its own apps, a new camera interface with superior auto mode, which automatically selects the best setting within which to capture a photo.

To grab the new update, while connected to Wi-Fi on your Xperia TL, select Applications, Settings, About Phone and Software update. Instructions will appear, just follow the prompts and you’re set.

AT&T will be rolling out Jelly Bean updates to other devices on its network soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates.

[Via: AT&T Blog]

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