HTC One Shipping Delays Confirmed

Last week, we received rumors that HTC’s upcoming flagship the HTC One may experience launch delays due to hardware component shortages. This rumor has been confirmed today, with HTC admitting that its HTC One handset will not be shipping in most markets until at least the end of March. While most customers who have pre-ordered their phones should be receiving them only a few weeks late, new customers who want to get their hands on the HTC One are going to have to wait until April, at least.

The news comes to us via UK retailer Clove, who claimed “We have today been advised officially by HTC that the UK launch date has been put back to the 29th March.” The only market that is apparently untouched by the shortage is in Germany, where the HTC One is now shipping through O2.

So if you’ve pre-ordered the HTC One, you will be facing a bit of a delay, and new customers are going to have to wait even longer. We will see how this affects HTC in the upcoming month, with the release of the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV.

[Via: Engadget]

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