HTC One Delays Hit U.K. According to Vodafone

The recently confirmed HTC One launch delay will have an effect on U.K. customers who have pre-ordered the device, Vodafone confirmed today. The impressive piece of hardware won’t be shipping on March 15th as was expected, but rather no later than April 3rd if all goes well.

Vodafone had this to say:

“HTC has confirmed there’s a delay to the shipments of the HTC One and, sadly, that means we’ll have to wait a little bit longer than we’d hoped before you can get your hands on your new phone.

We’re contacting anyone who has pre-ordered to let them know about this. We’re aiming to have the phones in people’s hands no later than Wednesday 3 April but we’ll update customers directly once we have more information on individual orders.”

We had heard previously from U.K. retailer Clove that the device would not start shipping until March 29th, but Vodafone’s announcement makes us think HTC might miss the mark on that date.

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S IV right around the corner, the delays couldn’t come at a worse time for HTC. The HTC One is a premium handset that offers features such as the Zoe camera and HTC’s BlinkFeed, but without units unavailable for sale at this time, by the time they roll out other premium phones may have already grown a foothold.

Who knows when the HTC One will begin shipping, and let’s hope HTC get’s it components in order before customers pass the One by.

[Via: EuroDroid]

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