Nokia Lumia 620 gets IP54-certified protective shell

Nokia Lumia 620 gets IP54-certified protective shell

Nokia announced a new protective shell for its mass-market Lumia 620 smartphone. However, rather than offering “yet another case,” the Finns came up with a protective shell (CC-3061) that replaces the existing back cover.

According to Nokia’s Lumia Product Manager Tells Harri Vuolle, this was done to “honor the design of the phone while maintaining the same shape and design that fits perfectly in the hand.”

The gaps between the camera window and the shell as well as the display and the shell are better sealed, and the mesh that covers the loudspeaker is denser, making it harder for water or dust to get in.

The IP54-certified shell improves protection against dust and splashes of water though it’s not fully water-resistant. It has been cast using a dual-shot process – the interior shell is created using a polycarbonate that’s fairly rigid, while the exterior is made of TPSiV, which is more flexible, rubber-like material. The combination creates a more flexible plastic, one that’s both solid, and soft and elastic to provide a great grip in the hand.

Available in grey with grey exterior and yellow interior, the shell will hit select markets at the end of this month with recommended retail price of around 25 EUR.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I wonder why Nokia Lumia 620 didn’t ship with this case. That would make it a better product.

  • why do they even bother with these subpar bricks nobody wants?

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