Virgin Mobile Acid-Flashback Ad Stars Flaming Lips Frontman

Virgin Mobile has released a new commercial featuring the king of weird, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. The new ad is, trippy, to say the least; while it’s not as crazy as most of Coyne’s fake blood spewing live performances, it is cool enough to garner Richard Branson some hipster cred. The ad doesn’t feature any new Virgin Mobile devices or services, or seemingly anything for that matter. Except for Brazilian triplets, a giant egg, lobsters and a giant ball of yarn.

The commercial, which was created by Mother NY is titled “Retrain Your Brain” came to be after focus group findings showed that people wouldn’t switch mobile plans just by being shown how much money they could potentially save if they did. With T-Mobile reportedly dropping contract obligations soon and focusing more on pre-paid plans, it makes sense that Virgin released this brain melting ad.

Virgin Mobile is a worldwide pre-paid mobile provider, and operates as an MVNO over Sprint’s network in the U.S. Virgin is unique from other MVNO’s in that each Virgin Mobile branded entity functions independently from one another, meaning that service plans, handsets and network interfaces all vary based on location.

In the United States, Virgin Mobile offers a bevy of smartphones, most of which are Android powered handsets, but the iPhone 4 and 4S are available as well. Some of the 4G Android devices Virgin offers are the Samsung Galaxy Victory, HTC One V, Samsung Galaxy S II and the LG Optimus Elite. Virgin Mobile also offers mobile broadband service. Virgin’s Beyond Talk plans start at $35 a month and include 300 minutes of talk, unlimited messaging and data. The $55 a month plan offers unlimited messaging, data and anytime minutes.

So without further ado, here’s the new Virgin Mobile ad. Enjoy the weirdness and salivate over Wayne’s awesome brain chair! Just make sure you’re sober before you watch it. Trust me.

[Via: Stereogum] [Image: The Current]



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