Samsung Galaxy S4 to come with pre-loaded SwiftKey keyboard

Samsung Galaxy S4 to come with pre-loaded SwiftKey keyboard

Samsung knows how to make its devices better from the rest of the pack. Rather than touting the best hardware out there, their efforts are more focused on software — though making their own chips can also help in the long-run — to make for a better user experience. The introduction of Smart Stay and gesture-based controls in the Galaxy S III scored big in my book, as things like those make one a more productive individual.

The new Galaxy S4 will build on top of that and include eye scrolling to the mix, once again helping the Korean giant sell a ton of smartphones. But that’s not all – according to The Wall Street Journal article, Samsung will also preload SwiftKey with the new Galaxy smartphone, something it already did with the Galaxy Note II.

As you may already know from my previous posts, SwiftKey is by far the best virtual keyboard software I used. Simply put – it’s super smart, making typing on an on-screen keyboard as fast (or even faster) as on the physical one. Yeah I love it, and I love Samsung for including it in its flagship device. Rather than building one from the scratch, they decided to license the best virtual keyboard out there. Something other OEMs could do as well… if they want to compete with the market leader…

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Smart move and as you said it, other handset makers should also preload SwiftKey with their phones. It’s that great. 🙂

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