Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Impressive Specs, But Software Takes Center Stage

Samsung just unveiled it’s Galaxy S4 smartphone at Radio City Music Hall in New York, and through all the Broadway smoke and mirrors, Samsung made one thing abundantly clear: it’s all about the software. At the event, the specs of the device took a back stage, putting the Galaxy S4’s software features quite literally on the Broadway stage.

Here are some software features that we will see in the Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Dual Camera- This function allows simultaneous picture capture by using the front and rear cameras when a photo is snapped, creating a picture in picture effect, so that the person taking the photo can be included in the action. Includes 12 different shooting modes, and Sound and Shot, which allows sound to be captured along with the photo.
  • Dual Video Call- Allows users to share what they are seeing with rear camera while they are making a video call.
  • Group Play- This feature allows users to share files amongst each other without using a cell or Wi-Fi signal. Users can listen to the same song on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • S Translator- Provides instant translation via text or voice.
  • Samsung Smart Pause- Provides screen control based on eye gestures. While watching video, video will pause when the user looks away, and resumes when user looks back.
  • Air View- Preview the content of e-mail, gallery and so on by hovering your finger over the device.
  • Samsung WatchON- This feature turns the Galaxy S4 into a full functioning IR remote for pretty much anything you can find in your home entertainment system.
  • S Health- This software checks a users health, using a variety of sensors on the Galaxy S4, and other accessories.
  • Samsung Knox- A security suite that provides enterprise security on the device while providing access to personal content.

Phew, quite a list, huh?  Although most of these software improvements don’t seem like giant leaps (and maybe even gimmicky) some of it is sure to become useful. What do you think of Samsung’s new device? We’d love to know.


  • Mitchem

    can someone tell me whether it is worthy to put my s iii in an hybernation box to buy another gimmick clone…..may be i will wait for the s v to be more clear….all this flag for this

    • It’s also been reported that some of the software features will make their way to S3, so I say hang onto’ll probably see most of these features come your way soon.

      • Mitchem

        thanks that’s cool……u don’t think that these suppose features have been omitted from s iii these last months so that to puff the s iv…i will still wait for the next galaxy s

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