Rumor: Verizon may replace the Droid DNA with the HTC One

A leaked document obtained by PocketNow suggests that Verizon may be preparing to phase out the Droid DNA and replace it with the HTC One is its handset lineup. This change could happen sooner rather than later, says a report in Droid Life.

The sunsetting of the Droid DNA could be a controversial move as the DNA is a relatively new phone in Verizon’s handset lineup (announced November 2012). The general consensus believed Verizon would make this move slowly and release the One later than competing carriers AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. A leaked document obtained from Walmart suggests Verizon could replace the Droid DNA with the HTC One as early as the end of March.

I’m a fan of the HTC One and would love to se it on Verizon retail shelves this month, but I wonder what current Droid DNA owners think about the possibility that their phone is obsolete after only a few months.

[Via Droid Life]


  • Verizon appears to never have liked the DNA, they have failed to advertise it and seem content to keep pushing the Moto line up. I like my DNA and it is very quick, but I’m disappointed in Verizon for not keeping it in the line up longer and pushing its popularity.

  • techie3

    Hmm…although the Htc One has an aluminium body, the DNA appears to be a better product.

    Disappointing that even good devices have a very short shelf life.

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