HTC One Shipment Delays Due to Component Shortages, Slow 2012 Shipments

We all know that HTC’s new flagship smartphone, the HTC One has been delayed for an undisclosed amount of time, with plenty projected reasons for this snafu coming up recently. We had heard that HTC has had a hard time fulfilling the component orders for its device, and new news from the Wall Street Journal confirms this today. HTC is quickly working to mend these problems, and is still hoping to fulfill pre-orders at the end of this month.

According to an HTC executive, the supply chain issues are due to HTC’s profit loss and decline in smartphone shipments last year as suppliers no longer consider HTC a “tier one customer.” HTC is currently facing shortages in components for its Ultrapixel camera as well as its metal casing.

In an attempt to save HTC, the company will be throwing all of their efforts into marketing to move the HTC One, with HTC CEO Peter Chou stating that he will quit his job if the HTC One fails to sell well. A new marketing chief has been appointed as well.

HTC faces stiff competition at this point, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 just unveiled and set to launch in the near future. The HTC One is a solid device that has been getting good reviews, and it seems that HTC could just save themselves from financial free fall if they could just get their handset out to the market.

[Via: Android Community]

  • johngoo

    Well I’ve had this phone since Saturday and all I can say is it’s amazing,leaves the compation miles behind upgraded from iPhone 4s and will never look back

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