Microsoft to Developers: We’ll Pay You $100, Make Us Apps, Please?

Microsoft needs apps, and it’s not being too shy about admitting it. Today, Microsoft has announced that it will be offering $100 per app to developers who submit new apps for both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms. Microsoft wants quality apps, though; the submitted apps must do more than just open up a webpage, and not be too similar to existing apps. Microsoft is looking for fresh and creative apps.

Microsoft will be doling out the dough to the first 10,000 qualifying entries, and apps must be submitted by June 30th. Developers can submit up to 10 apps in either store, meaning that qualifying developers could receive a max of $2,000 for their submissions.

With the mobile market dominated by Android and iOS at the moment, emerging mobile OS’s such as Microsoft’s Windows 8 Phone and BlackBerry 10 are having a hard time playing catch-up to enormous app ecosystems with thousands of apps. The slow adoption of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Phone OS has been attributed mostly to the lack of apps, and we’ll see what kind of innovations we see come from this developing push.

Ultimately, the kind of apps we see come to Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone OS’s depends on Microsoft’s judgement of the app submissions. If Windows goes for quantity over quality, it could prove hazardous for the fledgling OS.

So if you’re a developer who is interested in jumping into Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 development, now is your to chance to get a little extra bit of dough from Microsoft.

[Via Windows Dev Center and The Verge]

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    Win8 and WP8 apps are full junkie of APPS!

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    for us only

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