NVIDIA GPU Conference: Tegra 4 Always-On-HDR Camera Demo

We’re here at NVIDIA’s GPU Conference in San Jose, and NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 is one of the biggest stars of the show. The quad-core processor touts many features, like always on HDR for both photos and videos. Chimera was unveiled at CES in January, when NVIDIA debuted the Tegra 4.

The technology is being referenced as “the world’s first computational photography architecture” , and will be functional on any Tegra 4 powered device, and will be compatible with existing and new apps that utilize the Tegra.

Chimera will allow for the capture of HDR panoramic photos, auto-focus and the coolest feature, tap-to track. Tap-to-track is an amazing feature, which allows users to tap on an object in the picture and have the software track it in real-time, auto-focusing and adjusting the shot according to the location of the selected object. This feature makes it a snap to take quality HDR pictures while trying to capture moving objects in any lighting situation.

Check out the video below to see Chimera in action, and expect to see this technology to be utilized soon in Tegra 4 powered devices.


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