LG and Samsung likely heading back to court; This time they’re fighting over eye-tracking patents

LG and Samsung likely heading back to court

LG and Samsung used to sue each other over display technology only to come to a peaceful solution. The next thing they want to “talk” about includes eye-tracking patents.

As you probably know, the eye-tracking technology took a center stage at Galaxy S4’s announcement event, enabling such features as Smart Stay, Smart Pause and Smart Scrolling (though Smart Stay was available in Galaxy S III as well). That’s all nice, but LG says it was first to file patents that would allow for these capabilities. In fact, the company says it applied for a number of eye-recognition technology patents back in August 2009, and now they want to review potential patent infringement when the Galaxy S4 is launched.

Naturally, Samsung denied any infringement, claiming that its technology works in different ways to LG’s, and is therefore not subject to litigation.

As I’m writing this, we don’t know what will be the effects of these claims but I doubt Galaxy S4 will stop selling as a result. In the worst case, Samsung will have to pay a certain fee to LG to keep using the technology in its phones. That, of course, is just a speculation and we’ll rather have to wait and see where this goes…

[Via: TNW]

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