Windows Phone 8 lands official Pandora app

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The Windows Phone platform just landed another major app today. Pandora, the wildly popular internet radio app, is now available for all Windows Phone 8 users to download. This addition basically completes a list that has the top streaming services, which includes Spotify and Rdio. Albeit, Pandora finally hitting the Microsoft platform is five months in the making.

Windows Phone 8 users will get to enjoy the internet radio service free without ads and a 40 hour monthly cap restriction for the rest of the year. Other amenities include the ability for people to pin their preferred stations to the start screen for easy access to their music, while a Live Tile provides up-to-date artist and track information without having to inconveniently open up the app. Parents also get to have control over what their kids listen in Kid’s Corner. We have yet to test any of the features, but we’re sure users can expect similar functionality in the Pandora app that’s seen in many of the official apps from other developers.

Much credit should go to the Microsoft team for working hard to the bone in getting as many prominent developers on its Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft’s mobile operating system may be behind iOS and Android with apps, but its seemingly light years ahead of BlackBerry 10’s official app choices. More on that later.

Those of you interested in getting the new Pandora app can download it from the link below. Tell us how you like it?

Windows Phone Store | Download

  • FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY!!! Okay, moving on… =

  • davidwal

    I have been using graffiti radio on windows phone 7 phones anyway. There was a time it was in a middle of a update process and it would not work. That was about a couple of weeks but it works fine for me. I would like a windows phone 8 handset. I really do not see any difference between 7.8 windows on my lumia 610 and the newer ones on 8. I had lumia 710 that is stuck on mango but I gave it to my mother.

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