GTC 2013: Future of Gaming Powered by NVIDIA’s GRID

We just got back from NVIDIA’s GTC Conference, where we saw some developments that will power the future of mobile devices and device interconnectivity. From NVIDIA’s project SHIELD to in vehicle infotainment systems, GTC showed gave us a glimpse of the changing mobile landscape, as it evolves from smartphones and tablets into the gaming world and beyond.

NVIDIA is pushing cloud based services heavily, especially pertaining to cloud based gaming. In his keynote speech, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsen Huang proclaimed, referring to devices, “if we can’t light them all, we can stream to the rest of them.” This ambitious goal is powered by the GRID, NVIDIA’s cloud based gaming and computing solution.

Thanks to the GRID, we are no longer tethered to the processing power of our physical devices. NVIDIA’s GRID allows games to be played on a variety of devices. The GRID is essentially a cloud based gaming server which renders and streams the game to the user’s device. We saw this technology running on Smart TV’s, MacBooks, tablets as well as PC laptops. Utilizing NVIDIA’s new GPU virtualization technology, the GRID can serve up to 36 HD quality streams from one server. The GRID offers a variety of titles available for play, making owning physical copies of games a thing of the past. Players can also start and stop games on multiple devices.

There’s no doubt that the GRID has the potential to change the gaming landscape, bringing us into an era of gaming that is no longer reliant on set-top boxes and hardware limitations. Are you excited about cloud based gaming? Will you ditch your console? Sound off in the comments below!



  • Roaduardo

    All these companies relying on cloud services are going to feel the hurt in their profits when servers crash or some environmental disaster hits. There’s too much reliance on cloud services. They’re not reliable.

  • Sounds great! I’m so excited with cloud based gaming. I love to play games on a variety of devices.

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