LG Reportedly Prepping Smart Watch

LG is the newest to jump on the smart watch bandwagon by announcing that it will bring a device to the market sometime soon, according to the Korea Times. With a multitude of smart watches currently coming to market, LG  is expected to join the ranks of Apple, Samsung and Google with its very own smart watch offering.

We still are lacking details pertaining to the functionality, specs and price points for LG’s upcoming device, but features akin to the Pebble smart watch come to mind, which pairs via Bluetooth to both Android and iOS devices and offers text messages alerts, email notifications, volume control and call notifications. We aren’t sure what OS it will be running either, but Android or the nascent Firefox OS come to mind, but we’re expecting the former.

While it was hardly smart, a wrist device that allowed the user to be notified of texts and calls has already come from LG before. The LG KF900 (Prada II) had an optional accessory that provided some simple features. In reality, we’d imagine that the smart watch will mostly be used for simple notifications while the Bluetooth-linked smartphone remains in the pocket. That’s just a guess, though. Smart watches will have many features that users will likely love, but it needs to make your life easier, and keeping the users up to date without looking at their smartphones is a good start. That said, these simple features will likely be overlooked by less the useful ones.

2013 could very well be the year of the smart watch, with Samsung has confirming that it is working on a concept, and rumors saying that Apple and Google are doing the same. What do you think of smart watches? What kind of functionality would you expect from one?

[Via: Pocket Lint]




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