Make love, not war: iPhone, Galaxy S III users are created equal according to study

A new study examining the ways Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III users use their devices found that despite our constant feuding online and sometimes in person, we’re all much more alike than we think. The¬†Consumer Intelligence Research Partners released the report which surveyed 500 iPhone users and 500 GSIII users in January and February.

Respondents from both sides indicated nearly identical rates of calling, text messaging, emailing, and web browsing. 80 to 90 percent of iPhone and GSIII owners said they send several texts per day on their phone. 75 percent of GSIII owners and over 80 percent of iPhone owners use Internet access daily. Phone calls and emails were had lower usage rates on both phones as well.

Even though the brands may be different, loyalty is pretty similar as well. 20 percent of iPhone owners said they owned a MacBook, compared to just 7 percent of Galaxy S III owners. This suggests that iPhone owners are more likely to own other Apple products. The loyalty comparison proves true again with tablets: iPhone owners were twice as likely to own an iPad, while GSIII owners were twice as likely to own an Android tablet.

One interesting find in the study involves upgrade paths. One out of eleven Galaxy S III users previously owned an iPhone, but one in five iPhone users previously owned a Galaxy S III. In this case, Android users are more likely to switch to an iPhone than vice versa.

Overall, there’s one clear takeaway from this study: we’re all very much alike after all! It’s that just peachy? Let’s finally put down our pitchforks. Next time you see someone with a smartphone not running the same OS as yours, go up to them, give them a big hug, and tell them everything is okay.

[via AppleInsider]

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