Nokia CEO Stephen Elop throws iPhone during interview

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop caused a bit of a stir when he tossed an iPhone during a recent interview on Finnish TV. Elop was talking about Nokia’s upcoming lineup of phones that  will land in the company’s home country when the interviewer pulled out his iPhone. Elop took care of that problem with the quick flick of his wrist. Surprisingly, the interviewer didn’t even flinch, which makes me wonder whether he is a stone cold journalist or part of this performance was staged.

You can check out the throw in the video below.

[Via WMPoweruser]

  • Too Late Kelly 😛

  • Islam

    very funny… he said that they will replace it.. I hope so … I’m waiting

  • Islam

    he said that NOKIA will replace it… I think that the 928 will be something huge… As a fan of nokia I’m very exited about it

  • Dear Nokia, you need to use another OS as well(example Sailfish OS), and then you could compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

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