Evernote for Android update brings new photo features, Premium trial

Evernote just released a very useful update for Android owners of the app. It brings a handful of new photo features within notes, better document organization, and a special offer for Deutsche Telekom subscribers.

The first of the additions is Page Camera, which helps improves the scanning of documents (as well as pages from the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine if you own one) and their clarity for better readability in your notes.

The next feature has been present in the iOS app for a while, multi-shot camera. It’ll allow you to snap multiple photos and then publish them all into one note rather than taking them one by one and adding them in. It’s a real time saver, especially if you’re big on photo usage within Evernote.

Shortcuts first got their debut in the Evernote for Mac app and they’re present now for Android as well. Go to the shortcuts panel to bookmark favorite notes or notebooks for quick access.

Evernote adds some incentives to join its Premium service with this app update, too. Document search is a new feature exclusive to Premium members that’ll search through Microsoft Office, iWork, or Open Office files. Luckily, if you’re one of 60 million Deutsche Telekom subscribers in Germany, a new partnership with Evernote gives you one year of Evernote Premium for free when you sign up via this app update or on the website.

I’m a loyal user of Evernote myself so this is definitely something Android users are going to want to check out. The app is free in Google Play.

[via MobileBurn]

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