Samsung Galaxy Express Jelly Bean Update Starts Today

AT&T customers rocking a Samsung Galaxy Express are in for a treat today and can expect a OTA update to Jelly Bean begin to roll out. The device itself may cower in the presence of something like the Galaxy S 4, but the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Express should bring a nice spit-shine across the board that owners will enjoy.

Users will now be able to get one of the latest versions of the Android OS, which includes Project Butter, expandable notifications, Google Now and much more. Jelly Bean is definitely one of the best iterations of the Android operating system, so even if this is the last update for the Galaxy Express, it’s at least a great version to stop at. That said, the Galaxy Express certainly has the guts the get the Android 4.2 bump, so hopefully we’ll see that happen later on.

At the moment, it doesn’t look like there is a way to manually update the Galaxy Express, so you’ll have to wait until the OTA update hits your device. You can also go to Applications > Settings > About Device > Software Update > Check for Updates to see if some Jelly Bean goodness is waiting for you.

For more information about the upcoming update for the Samsung Galaxy Express, hit up the link below!

[Via: AT&TConsumerBlog]

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