Apple Taken to Court Over Siri Patent Infringement

A Chinese company is taking on Apple, by filing a lawsuit claiming that Apple’s Siri technology infringes on a previous patent. The company, Zhi Zhen Network Technology, was granted a patent in 2006 for its Xiao i Robot software, which answers questions and provides voice interactions. The company brought the suit last July, after Siri made its debut in China.

Zhi Zhen Network Technologies is in use with over 100 million users in China, and is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, web and desktop. The Xiao i Robot technology is also utilized by China Mobile and China Telecom, as well as a handful of major Chinese banks.

Zhi Zhen claims that the suit is focused on stopping Apple from infringing on the patent, but that a monetary settlement may be a possibility as well. Apple goes to court today as a part of pre-trial proceedings, with the full case taking place in July.

[Via: Apple Insider] [Image: USA Today]

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