Google Translate For Android Gets Offline Support for 50 Languages

Google is launching some significant updates for its Translate Android app today, offering offline language packages for fifty languages. The offline models are not as comprehensive as their online counterparts, but are good for basic translation duties while travelling abroad.

To use this feature, users must select Offline Languages in the Google Translate app menu. A list of available offline packages will appear, allowing users to choose their desired language packs. To utilize translation between two languages while offline, simply download the desired language packs and Translate will take care of the rest.

This feature will no doubt help those who frequently travel abroad, ensuring that users can navigate their way around without having to worry about a data connection.

[Via: Android Blog]

  • Roaduardo

    Wow, nice answer to Samsung’s S-Translate.

  • scottsanett

    In wp8 plzzzzz

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