Hump Day Funnies: Robbery Suspect Trips Alarm, Then Trips For Real

Well, it’s not mobile related, but you just might want to take a quick break from the Wednesday work grind for this. A video comes to us today thanks to the small Northern California town I grew up in, Redding. Redding is a small city of around 100,000, nestled in the top of the Sacramento Valley. It boasts beautiful lakes, mountains, recreation, a ton of creeps, and of course, idiot robbers.

The video depicts a 5’11, 350LB man dressed in sweatpants attempting to rob a small liquor store by throwing a brick at the window. Unfortunately, the window did not break but rather, set off the alarm. The dude freaks out, runs away and trips over the parking block. Like a boss. And he’s still on the run! But not to worry, Redding’s finest is on the case.

Check out the video below, and if you’re ever heading the Redding way, make sure you bring a pair of sweatpants. Jeans are not allowed in public there. Enjoy and remember, it’s almost Friday!

[Via: KRCR]

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