Mozilla demos Firefox OS on Dreamfone

Not too much buzz has been surrounding Mozilla’s Firefox OS lately, probably because the company is hard at work developing it behind the scenes. Mozilla did share a demo recently that you’re able to watch below of the operating system running on a prototype Dreamfone, which is a low-end Firefox OS phone announced at Mobile World Congress 2013 with an ARM Cortex A5 chip clocked at 1GHz.

The cheap hardware doesn’t exactly do the operating system much justice. The graphics are sluggish even just switching between pages of icons, the camera is mediocre at best, and the display is actually a little too high-resolution. The content on the screen is so tiny that it’s almost illegible. That’ll have to be fixed before this thing hits the market.

The OS itself looks pretty interesting though. It’s going to run HTML5 and Javascript based applications. Aside from the too-high-resolution problem, the user interface is decent and it seems at least easy to navigate.

For the full Firefox OS demonstration, check out the embedded video below from The Inquirer.

[via Ubergizmo]

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