Gamer Geekdom: Fan-made Silent Hill 3 “movie” is both brilliant and terrifying

Outside of my unhealthy obsession of mobile tech, I have two loves: video games and horror movies. So, naturally the Silent Hill series is one of my favorites (and I have the ink to prove it), as it’s a nice blend between the two. While the series itself has gone anywhere but uphill, the fan base is still as rabid as ever.

The Konami series has had quite a few spinoffs including a comic book series, as well as some older java-based mobile games. In 2008, Konami released Silent Hill : The Escape for iOS, and even made one of its main characters utilize his smartphone in one particular game in attempt to modernize the series a bit.

The last Silent Hill film (Revelation) tanked miserably, which was loosely based off of the 3rd installment of the games. Being my favorite title of the series, I was sorely disappointed in the movie and the fact that I spent money on the brain-melting experience. Luckily, someone else made a “movie”, quite literally based off of the third Silent Hill Game.

Below is essentially the entirety of the Silent Hill 3 game. You’ll find all of the cutscenes, along with important parts of gameplay, and it’s edited nicely. It’s quite brilliant if you like to keep things weird and creepy.

The 2 hour-long “movie” was made in mid-2012, several months before the release of Silent Hill: Revelation. Konami itself should have just dubbed the movie you see below as the official sequel.

If you’re into twisted and creepy games, check it out below.

  • cam

    This is just gameplay and should not count as a “Movie” plus twin perfect are probably the most hated people in the SH fanbase.

    • blakestimac

      I’d take this over Revelation, that’s for sure. And I totally agree with the last comment. Just couldn’t help myself.

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