Nexus 4 gets slight design tweak – Now with nubs!

New Nexus 4 units have received a very slight tweak in their design: nubs.

Not only to these small nubs allow for better grip on flat surfaces, but also raise the unit slightly for a better speaker experience when the phone is on its back. Luckily, the nubs are very small and don’t take away from the overall design in any way.

I’m pretty happy to see this slight tweak, as the slickness of the Nexus 4 has prompted me to have the bumper permanently on at all times. The handset will slip of any surface if not placed perfectly, with possibly the one exception being the ultra-grippy Nexus 4 Qi wireless charger.

Another tweak in the new Nexus 4 units is around the camera, and it’s no longer flush to the back side of the device. The jury is still out as to why exactly this has been implemented, but we’d imagine it’s likely to keep scratches away from the lens.

There you go. Nexus 4 with nubs. The end.

Hit up the link below for a few more photos.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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