Study: iPhone is 15x more vulnerable than Windows Phone

Very often in the news you’ll read about concerns that Android is highly vulnerable to malware. Alongside that is news of iPhone’s stellar security because of Apple’s approval process for the App Store, essentially preventing any type of malicious attempt at invading. (Occasionally, there’s an exception or two.) Windows Phone, however, is often left out of security talks because the platform isn’t nearly as popular. Today you’re in for a bit of a twist.

It turns out that according to a study conducted by SourceFire, Apple’s iPhone actually takes the cake for the most vulnerabilities out of any smartphone. The study analyzed information from Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures data and National Vulnerability Database data and found that the iOS operating system has 210 vulnerabilities, which accounts for 81 percent of the mobile vulnerability market share. Android has just 9 percent, Windows Phone has 6 percent, and Blackberry OS has 4 percent.

Chart shows iPhone is most vulnerable

The main reason for the iPhone being more vulnerable is of course its popularity. Since hackers can easily attack Android via its open app marketplace, when preying on iOS they are much more likely to look for holes within the operating system itself rather than trying to break through the gates of the App Store.

With the iPhone dominating the enterprise market as well, senior research engineer at SourceFire’s Vulnerabilities Research Team Yves Younan warns to maintain a plan of action. “[Enterprises] should also plan for potential compromises including how they will rebuild and ensure the integrity of the data,” he explains.

Since Windows Phone hasn’t gone mainstream in the same way iOS and Android have, it’s ultimately less vulnerable. Cybercriminals won’t waste time targeting a platform used by a small minority. Should the OS grow in popularity, it’s possible security might become more of a threat. For now, it’s at a major advantage.

[via WMPoweruser]

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