Your Smartphone Camera Settings May Change With The Weather One Day

The world has an abundance of ‘Smart’ products, and those products all ship with dozens of ‘Smart’ features, but sometimes some of the smartest features happen to be the simplest. After all, our smartphones and tablets are here to make our lives easier. Luckily, one of Google’s recent patent applications looks to make taking photos with your smartphone camera a bit easier without the user needed to jump into the settings.

Geo-tagging photos is hardly anything new, but Google wants to use your geo-location in a different way to provide you with a better camera experience. Essentially, the patent application want to utilize your location to tweak your camera settings by getting the weather in your area. From there, white balance and other settings will automatically change to give you the best possible photo without the user needing to do anything.

With camera settings becoming more complex, some end users may not want to dig through everything just to change something minor. With this method, those simple tweaks can be handled on the fly, just by opening the camera app.

No, this is hardly a feature that the world has been begging for, but we can’t say it would hurt to have. Then again, you might just throw a bunch of filter on the photo anyway, so who knows how helpful it really will be if it begins to ship in Android devices one day.

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