Android-powered Notebook on the way?

The idea of an Android-powered notebook is a peculiar one, but Google may be releasing one later this year. According to DigiTimes, we can expect such a product in the 3rd quarter of the year.

With Sundar Pichai now sitting at the Android throne, we can’t say we’re surprised about the possibility about a product of this kind coming from the search giant. An Android-powered notebook needs to be a departure from the existing OS that’s found on smartphones and tablets, and maybe Android Key Lime Pie will introduce such functionality when it’s announced at Google I/O this May.

In addition to software that would provide better desktop functionality, an Android-powered notebook would also need suitable hardware. We wouldn’t expect the product to have the specifications of the Chromebook Pixel, but a touchscreen is a must for a notebook powered Android.

Microsoft attempted to merge its mobile user interface into its latest desktop operating system, which didn’t turn out to be the perfect union. While Google maybe attempting to do the exact opposite — bringing its mobile OS to a desktop environment — it could at very least provide an alternative to the onslaught of Windows 8-powered notebooks.

Then there’s pricing. Chromebooks launched at higher price points than many were expecting, with lower priced options only recently making it to market. If Google releases an affordable Android-powered notebook, it could garner some genuine attention. But even then, the big question is whether or not Android needs to be in this market?

With Google I/O a little over a month away, we could indeed hear more about the search giant’s potential foray into the notebook market with an OS that’s not just a browser.

Would you be interested in an Android notebook?

[Via: DigiTimes]

  • That does sound tempting. The only thing is, it wouldn’t be able to run my beloved UT2004.

  • Maybe, depending on the Price to be set ?

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