iOS 7 rumored to be behind schedule, but will carry a new look

Ever since Scott Forstall was ousted from Apple and replaced by Jony Ive, we knew the next big release of iOS would veer into a different direction. Well, that thought process has drawn some validation, as a group of well-connected Apple insiders have spilled details on things they’ve heard.

On this chat site called Branch, Apple commentator John Gruber, started the rumor that iOS 7 is running behind schedule. Gruber also suggested that there will be more than a few changes from iOS 6 when the seventh iteration of the OS launches later this year.

“iOS 7 is running behind, and engineers have been pulled from OS X 10.9 to work on it.” He continued saying “Word on the street is that iOS engineers with carry privileges all have some sort of polarizing filter on their iPhone displays, such that it greatly decreases viewing angles, thus making it difficult for observers to see the apparently rather significant system-wide UI overhaul.”

Rene Ritchie of iMore, chimed in with his own connections, claiming that his sources are pointing towards an iPhone 5S release in or around August. Considering Apple’s iPhone release schedule as of late, this shouldn’t sound too surprising.

With all that said, we’d be fools to bank on a complete overhaul of the current iOS user interface and functionality. Apple hasn’t shown us that it’s willing to take a risk in changing the look of its mobile operating system because of fear of alienating its loyal customers. What we do expect is Jony Ive to do away with Forstall’s stitch leather and any other natural looking stuff he was so in favor of.

[via Rebmond Pie, Branch]


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