Keeping up with your kids’ apps [infographic]

Keeping up with your kids' apps

FTC prepared a neat infographic to show what your kids’ apps might be doing but might not be telling you, and what you can do about it. Here are 4 things to consider – an app your child is using could:

  • collect and share personal information
  • spend real money even if the app is free (via in-app purchases)
  • have ads
  • link to social media

The best way to check out apps for your kids is to try them out yourself. First, visit the app store your kid is using to find out more about the application and if you have to – install it on your phone or tablet to determine whether it’s safe enough.

Alternatively, you can tweak security settings to prevent your kid from installing certain apps, password-protect apps and even turn off Wi-Fi and data services. Here’s the infographic with additional information.

This infographic is also available in Spanish – you can see it from here.

Keeping up with your kids' apps

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