Mozilla, Samsung partner over Servo, Mozilla’s next-gen browser engine for multi-core processors

Mozilla, Samsung partner over Servo

Samsung is teaming-up with Mozilla to help it make Servo, its next-gen browser engine that supports multi-core processors.

The problem today’s mobile web browsers have is that they don’t use all the processing power modern smartphones and tablets have. WebGL, which uses the graphics processor; and HTML5 Web Workers, which bring a multi-threading approach to JavaScript; are the only exceptions to the rule and Mozilla thinks there’s room for improvements.

According to the company’s CTO Brendan Eich, parallel computing is the future though today’s web standards themselves make it hard to move away from the sequential processing.

Mozilla Research started working on Servo as a research project in 2012. Their browser engine is still far away from being available in any commercial project so we’re not sure when we’ll see it in our mobile devices.

Samsung on its end seems to believe that such a browser could give it an edge in the long-term and who knows – we may see the next-gen Firefox available not only for its Android but also for Tizen smartphones…

[Via: TechCrunch]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    That’s the way to go… multi-core web browsing…

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