Tablet Sales to Overshadow PC and Desktop Sales by 2015

Microsoft working on smaller Surface tablet?

According to a study released today by Gartner, the tablet market is set to conquer PC sales by 2015, with worldwide mobile device sales expected to reach 2.4 billion units this year.

With the proliferation of cheaper and more powerful tablets being released to the market over the last couple of years, the sales of traditional PC’s and laptops has slowed. By 2015, tablet sales are projected to reach 337.8 million, while combined desktop and PC sales are expected to reach 292.2 million.

Microsoft, who for years has dominated the PC market, is slowly losing market share to the popularity of tablets. They are still expected to keep growing however, just at a slower pace than they have seen over the years. Microsoft has already entered the tablet business with its Microsoft Surface tablet, and is expecting to release more tablets in the future that run on its Windows RT OS. Microsoft is currently floundering in the tablet market, but could gain traction in the near future.

[Via: CNET]

  • Please! I remember reading articles predicting the demise of the traditional PC more than ten years ago, yet they are still made and bought today. The only people who would find these underpowered toys a good substitute for the computer are those who only use the Net to watch YouTube videos, keep up with Facebook and check email. Those of us who use the Net to its potential use a real computer.

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