Mozilla unveils JavaScript API for web and mobile payments

Mozilla unveils JavaScript API for web and mobile payments

Mozilla unveiled a new JavaScript API that would enable easy payments on the (mobile) web. The navigator.mozPay() will debut on the Firefox OS with support for multiple payment providers and carrier billing. When a web app invokes the API, users will be presented with a secure window from which they’ll be able to easily make a purchase.

Needless to say, this capability will work on a computer as well with Facebook Marketplace being among the first online stores to support it.

The problem, however, is in the fact that not many of today’s users are using Firefox browser on their mobile phones. That, of course, could change in the near future when first Firefox OS-based devices start hitting the market. As you can imagine, Mozilla’s browser will be a default option on these phones, and most likely the only option for some time.

It’s definitely cool to see Mozilla activating in the mobile payments market as it could bring the mobile commerce to millions of users around the globe who are expected to get a Firefox OS-based device later this year. We’ll keep following this story and let you know as soon as we have something new to add. Stay tuned in the meantime…

[Via: TheVerge]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Sounds pretty cool. Hopefully, it will in other browsers as well..

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