Pocket Toddy Microfiber Screen Cleaner – Coming Soon to a Swag Bag Near You

It’s always interesting to see how companies can promote themselves with certain products that have little to do with their end game. For us, we’ve seen quite a few nifty accessories with a company’s name splattered across the top. Flash drives are a company favorite. Company branded hand sanitizer is another good one. Now we have the Pocket Toddy, which is a small, foldable screen cleaner.

The Pocket Toddy is as simple as it seems, but it’s pretty cute. The micro fiber cleaning cloth folds into an attached pocket so you can take it wherever you want to go. There’s even a small band so that you can attach it to your luggage, key chain, etc.

If you find yourself obsessively cleaning your smartphone’s screen, or if you’re looking to get your company’s name out there, the Pocket Toddy is useful in both cases.

While it’s not necessarily a wacky way to promote a company, the Pocket Toddy is pretty practical. More practical than many things we’ve come across at some trade shows before.

What products would you want to see a company make for brand promotion? Travel-sized HTC scented lotion? We’re all ears.

 Toddy Gear

  • The best one I’ve seen recently was from Sprint. They gave out sticky rubber phone holders that sit on your dashboard so you can use your phone as a nav device. I use that thing all the time when I have to rent cars that don’t have a nav system.

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