Virgin Mobile Offers $100 to Customers Who Ditch T-Mobile

Virgin Mobile is taking on T-Mobile’s new un-carrier plans by launching a pre-paid plan¬†campaign of their own, dubbed “Retrain your brain.” Virgin is offering existing T-Mobile pre-paid customers $100 to switch to its pre-paid service, which operates on Sprint’s network.

To take advantage of Virgin’s $100 credit, T-Mobile customers must choose from one of Virgin’s phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G or the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, pick one of Virgin’s pre-paid plans and make a payment by May 31, 2013. Customers will receive the $100 credit within the first 30 days of switching their mobile number to Virgin.

Where Virgin shines in their pre-paid offerings is in the data department. After customers have used up their allotted 4G data stipend, Virgin will drop data from 4G to 3G speeds, whereas T-Mobile drops customers to 2G speeds after the allotted 4G data has been consumed. Virgin is also offering its handsets at a lower price than T-Mobile, with the Samsung Galaxy S II being offered for $299.99 on Virgin as compared to T-Mobile’s $413.99 for the same handset.

Unfortunately, Virgin is only offering the $100 rebate to those customers who purchase a new phone, leaving customers who would like to switch and already own Sprint compatible handsets in the dark. But if you need to purchase a new phone and are looking for a cheaper option to T-Mobile’s pre-paid service, Virgin is worth a gander.

[Via: Virgin Mobile]

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