BlackBerry Q10 pre-orders available in Canada

BlackBerry Q10 now available for pre-order in the UK, shipping by the end of April

The BlackBerry Q10 is finally available for pre-order, but only in Canada. Major retailers north of the border such as Rogers, Future Shop, Telus and Best Buy have announced to customers that they can pre-order the QWERTY device. Rogers will be offering the Q10 in both black and white, shipments will go out on April 30. Telus on the other hand will begin its shipments on the 29th.

No one really knows how BlackBerry’s OS 10 will look on such a small screen, as the Q10 display is only 3.1-inches. However, on paper the new QWERTY BlackBerry will carry a Super AMOLED display, 720 x 720 resolution at 330 PPI. This could be a really beautiful looking screen, but it could also be a disaster if BB10 doesn’t operate as good on the smaller screen.

[via Best Buy (CA), Telus, Rogers, Future Shop]

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