T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II Jelly Bean update rolling out via Kies

T-Mobile's Galaxy S II Jelly Bean rolling out via Kies

After Virgin Mobile, another Galaxy S II is getting the Jelly Bean treatment – the one offered by T-Mobile USA. The carrier’s update log doesn’t go into details what users will get once the process is completed — among the new features, all we have is Android 4.1.2. We do, however, know that includes Google Now, actionable push notifications and various Project Butter enhancements. Moreover, we would also expect Samsung to update some of its own software, bringing the S2’s UI closer to the one Galaxy S III rocks.

On the downside though, you’ll need the Samsung Kies software in order to proceed. Sure enough, we prefer over-the-air updates whenever possible, but we ain’t gonna be picky here. The important thing is that the new software has finally arrived and that you can cram it to your phone. Just make sure your battery has at least 50% of power and that you’re connected to a fast network to download the 756MB-heavy file.

  • chris

    its says up to date firmware on kies and yes ive updated it -_- my luck

  • nes

    about time! its amazing how hackers roll it out faster than the carrier and manufacturer! shame on Tmobile and samsung but thanks

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