WhatsApp not selling to Google after all

WhatsApp not selling to Google after all

Yesterday we’ve told you that Google is looking to acquire WhatsApp, a popular messaging app/service that works across platforms. That apparently ain’t gonna happen with the company’s head of business development Neeraj Arora saying they’re not holding sales talks with the search giant, and declining to comment further.

This isn’t the first time WhatsApp is a subject of the “acquisition rumors.” Back in December, we thought they will be acquired by Facebook, but as you know – nothing has happened.

The way I see it, Google isn’t that much interested in spending a fortune on WhatsApp. In fact, as I’m writing this, the search giant is working on a cross-platform chat solution of its own (Babel) which should be out pretty soon, targeting iOS, Android and Chrome users…

[Via: AllThingsD]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Microsoft may not want it either – they have Skype which in turn has GroupMe. Meaning, WhatsApp is pretty much left all alone…

  • Roaduardo

    Wow, the landscape is pretty crowded with messaging apps. Some quality ones too.

  • Don’t be evil

    If the world’s largest ad company acquires whatsapp, I’m dropping the app from my phone.
    Whatsapp, I’ll happily pay the 1 dollar, please don’t sell us out.

    It’s not enough google reads my personal emails and work emails, I’ll be damned if they start reading my intimate conversations too.

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