Cinemagram Brings Vine-Like Animated GIFs to Android

Cinemagram, an app that turns videos into animated GIFs has been released for Android today, about a year after its debut on iOS. The app is very similar to GifBoom and Vine, two apps that take video and create tailored animated GIFs. Vine’s popularity has skyrocketed since its release last year, and an Android app has yet to surface. By launching on Android, Cinemagram has beaten Vine to the platform, giving Android users pining for Vine an awesome alternative.

Cinemagram offers an array of different options, such as Instagram-like filters and some pretty neat special effects. Parts of the videos can also be turned into still images, allowing non-selected areas to remain animated while selected parts remain still. The app also features sharing features similar to those of Instagram and GifBoom, allowing users to post to a feed, add friends’ feeds and share easily on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

If you’ve been waiting patiently for Vine to come to your Android handset, give Cinemagram a whirl. It’s just plain fun.

[Via: Play Store]

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