Survey: Samsung Galaxy phones found easier to use than iPhone

Siegal+Gale released interesting research results that probably come as a bit of a surprise. After surveying 400 people about the simplicity of a Samsung Galaxy phone compared to that of an iPhone, the Samsung devices came out champions of simplicity over Apple’s smartphones.

According to the survey results, Samsung’s main three advantages are high-tech features that are also user-friendly, clear advertising, and compatibility with non-proprietary apps. On the iPhone’s side, clear advertising was also a strength, plus it scores big for intuitiveness and customer service. Still, the Samsung Galaxy was the victor.

“At the brand level, Apple is perceived as simpler than Samsung, but on a product level, challenger Galaxy has knocked the long-standing simplicity champion onto the canvas and out of first place,” Siegal+Gale reports.

Apple does still carry a better reputation overall as a brand compared to Samsung. In fact, it’s the number five best ranked company globally, while Samsung doesn’t even break into the top 10.

The whole survey seems a tad hard to believe because generally iPhones have always been considered easier to use. Even Android fans have agreed to a certain extent. I typically see claims that while the iPhone is easier, Android phones are more powerful and can do more, which is a fair argument.

What do you think about the survey results? In your experience, is a Samsung Galaxy phone easier to use than an iPhone? Be sure to weigh in with your comments below.

[via TalkAndroid]

  • Android is too easy to
    access then apple iOS. i already have both OS phones, iPhone 4s and
    Samsung galaxy s3. sometime i am disappointed when i use apple iOS
    phones and tablets because of some iOS privacy, it’s feel like i use
    other phone that will be fully protected to get data from other
    phones, don’t access without iTunes, you can’t send your favorite
    file to your friend if they don’t have iPhone, hate to download that
    apps which are already available free on android play store. android
    is totally opposite i feel good about their software privacy
    and it is show me green color mean green signal to use it. but, i
    don’t say apple products are bad and android is good, both OS have
    pros and cons simply both are different that i love.

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