Otterbox Releases Defender and Commuter Series Cases For HTC One

OtterBox, the maker of some of the toughest smartphone cases around is releasing a few new cases for the HTC One. OtterBox is rolling out two different types of cases, the Defender Series and the Commuter Series that will keep your awesome new HTC One safe from scratches, dents and the elements.

The new cases have three layers of defense, with a screen protector built into the hefty poly-carbonate shell, with a silicone layer covering the outside of the case. The Defender series includes a holster style belt clip if you’re into rocking your device on your hip.

The Commuter series is slimmer than the Defender series, which touts a hard poly-carbonate shell and an inner silicone layer that cushions the device, absorbing shocks in those untimely moments when your phone slips out of your hands. It also has a self-adhering screen protector to keep your beautiful screen free from scratches and blemishes.

In addition to the HTC One, Otterbox will also be releasing cases for the upcoming HTC First in the near future. Head here to check the new HTC One OtterBox cases.

[Via: OtterBox]

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