Leaked Photos Show Possible April 24th HTC One Release on T-Mobile

TELUS and Rogers releasing the HTC One on April 19th

T-Mobile customers who have been salivating for the HTC One were thrown a couple of bones today, and they’re pretty juicy ones too. Earlier in the day, TmoNews reported on a leaked picture that details T-Mobile’s display plans for the HTC One in their retail stores, with a release date of April 24th on the plan. The picture also confirms that the HTC One will not be appearing in every T-Mobile store, with display plans for “stores not carrying the HTC One” detailed at the bottom of the image.

Just a few hours ago, TmoNews unveiled another screenshot showing us more evidence of the April 24th HTC One release. T-Mobile stores will be receiving HTC One promo t-shirts for employees to wear, and the photo details that employees must wear these shirts from April 24th to April 28th. The HTC One will be available for a $99 down payment and an extra $20 a month in their retail stores. 

So there you go folks, t-shirts and signage plans have revealed all. Now all we have to do is wait to see if these estimations prove to be true.

[Via: TmoNews (1) (2)]

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