One feature I’m missing on my Android smartphone – the ability to manage the Share menu

One feature I'm missing on my Android smartphone - the ability to manage the Share menu

Android users, myself included, have at least 20-30 apps installed on their devices, if not more. Many of these apps, especially those we consider essential, like to add their option to the Share menu without consulting us. This in turn gets us the Share menu that’s too big, hence a pain to use.

And while I don’t have anything against app developers allowing us to instantly share stuff using the Share menu, I would like to be able to control what gets inside this menu and what could be simply removed.

For instance, I pretty much never use the default Email app (I use Gmail) and don’t want to see it occupying a spot I could use for something else. Heck, I don’t need anything instead of the Email app – I want less options in the Share menu.

So what we need is the ability to show/hide certain apps from the Share menu, as well as to re-order them as we want. I could go further and envision advanced options that would allow us to select different items in the Share menu based on the app you’re sharing content from — i.e. when I’m browsing my Gallery I need the ability to upload photos to Picasa and perhaps and MediaFire, but I don’t need those two when browsing the web.

There’s an app for that though it doesn’t work for me. It’s called Andmade Share and it promises to replace the system Share menu list. However, since some apps don’t use standard list but instead make their own, Andmade Share is pretty much useless as it leaves the clutter in the Share menu.

In other words, we need a system solution. Perhaps Google will include it in the next version of Android, perhaps not. I’m just hoping that someone from Mountain View is reading this and will do something about it…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Welcome to the club. I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time now… and still waiting. Google what are you doing allowing everyone to use the Share menu…

  • they let you modify everything else, and havent gotten to this yet! such a bummer. it bothers me alot. “doods music” is an option to share things to. WTF

  • tomj

    What about AppChooser?

  • True, it’s annoying. But it’s a good problem to have compared to iOS, which pretty much has no app sharing at all.

  • AP

    The ordering is already in JB. It knows the apps you most often use to share, and shows them on top always. so never been an issue since JB at least.

  • Any a

    Great idea

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