Samsung Galaxy Note III to rock an aluminum body?

Samsung Galaxy Note III to rock an aluminum body?

Looks like Samsung is done with plastics for its flagship devices, SamMobile says quoting its insider sources. The Korean company has looked at the HTC One and is now “worried” about the design and build quality of its own phones, which are completely made out of plastic. And while we have nothing against plastic, we do dig the One’s aluminum body that makes the phone look that much better.

It is said that Sammy’s this year’s flagship phablet, Galaxy Note III, may be the first device to “go beyond plastics.” This isn’t confirmation that it will use aluminum, but do we hope the next Note’s built quality will be improved. Again, this doesn’t mean we don’t like the existing Galaxy Note II — it’s just that more premium materials would be highly appreciated and in some sense justify the high price.

The Note III is rumored to be unveiled later this year, boasting a 5.9-inch full HD screen, 13-megapixel camera on the back, a ton of built-in storage and perhaps the next version of Google’s mobile platform – Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m all for it. If I have to pay such a premium I want the phone to rock some metal. (bling-bling). 🙂

  • Cory Ducey

    Two things I would be concerned with…weight. it is a bigger phone. Signal strength. if they can expose the antenna, say surface mount it on top and back to be seamless with the body, that would be no issue as aluminum can inhibit signal strength (proven that when I had an ipad next to my note 10.1 side by side). If they can be resolved, happy camper on the way to getting a Note III when it comes out

  • hohopig

    For people who actually bought into the iFruiity hype that Aluminium is a “premium” material … don’t. It is in fact one of the cheaper and softer and weaker metal around. That is why it is so easy to dent and scuff. As for plastic composites, it has actually came a long way and rivals the properties of many top grade materials (although) not usually all at the same time.

    While I don’t think Samsung uses expensive composites, past experience and reviews seems to show that it is more resistant to dent, scratches and scuffing.

    For those who wants “premium” material … better stove it until it start using materials like high grade stainless steel.

  • gigi

    I think the aluminium hype is overrated. Actually it looks terrible when the scratches come around. Sammy focus on battery life and higher ppi.

  • Edward

    Samsung ! Aluminum ! LooooL. Never mind i will find some1 like u . I wish nothin but the best 4 u lol. Is today is the first day on april !?!

  • Justin Bieber

    hey sammy fanboys~ no more attack on aluminium, your mummy is going to give you a big slap on the face if you keep insulting aluminium body~~ copy-cat will forever be a copy cat!! Front-facing speaker next?? lol

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