Verizon Wireless to offer a phone payment plan for customers still in a contract

Verizon is trying to take the sting out of the changes that it made to its cellular plans that lengthened the time between upgrades from 20 months to 24 months. In that upgrade announcement, the wireless carrier also confirmed that it will start offering device payment plans for customers who want to upgrade before their current contract expires.

“Customers also have the option of purchasing a phone at full price at any point before their contract expires and beginning April 21, some devices will be available for purchase through the Verizon Wireless Device Payment Plan,” writes the company in a post explaining the changes.

According to a report in Fierce Wireless, the new 12-month purchasing option applies to phones, tablets and other connected devices that cost more than $349. Customers will pay the full retail price of the device and will spread out the payments over 12-months. The first payment will be due at the time of sale.

This payment plan won’t reduce the monthly charges or change the subscriber’s cellular service plan.  The payment will be added to a subscriber’s current bill and will include a $24 service charge that’s also spread out over the 12 months.

[Via Fierce Wireless, Engadget and Verizon Wireless]

  • James

    Pay for the phone, but still pay for an exuberant price for the monthly plan? Verizon has lost its mind and will lose its customers slowly but surely.

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