AT&T Rolls Out LG Escape Jelly Bean Update

Beginning today, AT&T owners of the LG Escape can finally proudly stand up and exclaim, “Life is Good.” The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is rolling out today for the device, which will bring with it all of the Android Jelly Bean goodies such as Google Now, expanded notifications and Project Butter. Also included in the update is an AT&T app called DriveMode that limits texting and calling while operating a motor vehicle. The app can respond to texts, emails and even calls once you are moving at a speed over 25 MPH.

Unfortunately, this update will not be rolling out OTA, but is available for install directly from your device while connected to WiFi. To download the update for your LG Escape, simply select Settings> General> About phone> Software Update> Update Now and follow the prompts. Make sure your battery is fully charged, this sucker’s on the larger side. If the update isn’t available then, just wait a bit and try again. OTA updates rollout in phases, but you can expect the update to hit your LG Escape soon!

[Via: Phandroid]

  • I went through the steps to upgrade, the phone rebooted and it didn’t upgrade. I’m still on ICS and when I click to try it again it tells me I’m ‘up to date’ and try again in 24 hours. ~_~;

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