Sony may’ve moved 4.6 million Xperia Z units in the first 40 days

Sony may've moved 4.6 million Xperia Z units in the first 40 days

Sony unveiled its (first) flagship for this year, Xperia Z, during the CES 2013, and apparently – it’s seriously helping the company get back to the game.

According to one (unnamed) analyst, Sony may’ve moved as many as 4.6 million Xperia Z units in the first 40 days the phone was available. That’s a big win for the Japanese giant which is struggling to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

It is said that Sony’s strategy was to be the first major company to launch the 5-inch smartphone in the West. Moreover, it also managed to make the Z a slightly different product than the rest of the pack. For one thing, it’s still the only water-resistant and dust-proof high-end smartphone with a 5-inch full HD screen selling in the West, a feat that gotta count for something.

The problem, however, is that within the next few days two competing products, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, will start selling, potentially impacting the Xperia Z figures in a big way.

In any case, we’re glad to see Sony is steadily getting back and are looking forward to see what they’re up to for the second half of the year…

[Via: GSMinsider]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Well they were first to launch a smartphone with 5-inch full HD screen in the west…

  • roeshak

    This article is very simplistic in it’s logic. The HTC One was unveiled as far back as the 19th of February. It’s been marketed and available for pre-order for over three weeks now in the UK, If customers preferred that, they could easily have pre-ordered it and waited for it to arrive rather than buying the Z. The simple truth is the Z has done this on it’s own merits and not because there isn’t any competition. That’s a pathetic cop out. A refuge for those who don’t want to accept that 4.6 million people actually bought it because they loved and preferred it to the other up coming flagships.
    It’s a phone built for the mainstream and so techies will always find it hard to appreciate it because they won’t get those all important bragging rights.
    Techy types talk about displays and all you hear is viewing angles and contrast ratios but most normal human beings when looking for a display, look for the one that handles video playback and gaming graphics and there the Z comes up trumps while the HTC lags behind with it’s blue tinted display especially while gaming. I know because I got both phones and returned the One. I couldn’t stand what it did to games. When compared side by side with the Z, the One’s display looses clarity. Colours are just too strong and in some cases overbearing. The clarity and detail found on the Z is just spectacular.
    Viewing angles are a minor thing as the phone is used by one person looking head on at it 99.99% of the time. It’s just another one of those technical details enthusiasts like to get worked up about. The same goes for processing specs, most normal people have never heard the term Qualcom never mind know the difference between the s4pro and the 600. That’s just the simple reality. Mass appeal is what counts and that’s why Samsung spent so little time at its unpacked even on specs but focussed mostly on it’s software features. HTC is still fighting the wrong battle.

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