Tablets and smartphones make users watch more video news

Tablets and smartphones make users watch more video news

A new report, commissioned by Associated Press and produced by Deloitte with research by GfK, says that video is increasingly important for online news services to consider offering their readers.

The findings suggest that 86% of British consumers access news online frequently, and 47% of these users watch video news clips on a regular basis. 85% of UK consumers believe video brings a news story to life, while 77% feel it improves their understanding of a story, suggesting that adding video to the news could result in a more informed and interested viewer.

While TV predominates as the first source for breaking news (41%), online is the key source for greater depth on a story, with 69% turning to their PC, smartphone or tablet.

In that sense, publishers (especially TV broadcasters) are advised that their online video news strategy shouldn’t simply replicate the editorial strategy for TV news, as it allows them to engage different types of viewers, particularly the young.

Deloitte (naturally) believes that consumption of video news online will increase over time, driven by the continuing spread of smartphones and tablets, as well as steadily increasing broadband speeds.

Tablet owners are especially enthusiastic consumers of video news online with 91% respondents in the UK saying they have watched a news video on a tablet…

[Via: CellularNews]

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